The Breed

Australian labradoodle is a social, cheerful and intelligent dog. It is a great family dog and a good companion for many dog activities. Australian labradoodle is fairly easy to train, friendly and eager to please its owner. That is why it is also suitable for a person's first dog. Australian labradoodle is allergy-friendly and the coat is non-shedding.

SIZE: Three sizes

Mini: Height 35-42cm, weight 7-13kg

Medium: 43-52cm, 13-20kg

Standard: 53-63cm, 20-28kg

COAT: Two kinds of coat types: wool and fleece, which can be curly or wavy. The coat needs to be trimmed 3-4 times a year.

COLOUR: Many colours, for example black, chocolate, coffee, cream, red, white. The coat can also be multi-coloured.


The history of the breed began in Australia at the end of 1980's. The intent was to create a breed that had a temperament of a service dog and that was suitable for people with allergies. Australian labradoodle is a cross of five breeds: Labrador retriever, Poodle, Irish Water Spaniel, English and American cockerspaniels. The goal of breeding is to produce healthy, well-structured, allergy-friedly dogs that are easy to train and friendly towards people and other dogs. The breed is still developing and the process is monitored by worldwide Australian labradoodle associations (WALA, ALAEU, ALAA).