The breeder

I have had dogs for over 30 years but the first Australian labradoodle moved to my family in the beginning of 2020. The breed has literally stolen my heart! I'm currently studying in International Dog Trainer School (Nordic Education Center for Dog Trainers) to be a dog trainer and behaviorist.

My goal is to breed healthy dogs with balanced characters. Our breeding dogs are health-tested (hips, elbows, spine, patellar luxation, eyes) We also test DNA for hereditary diseases like DM, EIC, PRA/PRCD, vWD, IC. 

Our dogs are raised in enriched environment with with dog-centric approach. The puppies grow up in our home and get to go out freely in our yard. The puppies get used to children, sounds, handling and coat maintenance from the beginning. We use Bio Sensor and Puppy Culture methods for early stimulation and socialization. 

We use careful selection of families that get to adopt our puppies. We are committed to supporting the families through the entire life of the dog.